The ACT vs. The New SAT Comparison Guide

Both the ACT and SAT are accepted by all U.S. colleges. So, what are the differences? | taught by Examizy - So Exams Can Be Easy
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Examizy - So Exams Can Be Easy
Examizy - So Exams Can Be Easy

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Examizy is a Test Prep Online Platform that Specializes in Effective Coaching and Preparing Students Worldwide to sit for Internationally Recognized Examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT for Higher Institution Enrolment. 

Examinations can pose a real threat in the success of one’s professional career and we are ready to help students overcome such obstacle with ease.

ACT vs SAT: Which test should you take?

Choosing the right test is an important decision. Your SAT or ACT score will count for at least 30% of your college application.

All U.S. and worldwide colleges accept both tests, and they do not prefer the SAT over the ACT (or vice versa).

So, what is the best way to choose between these two exams?

Well, the tests are structured and scored differently, and these differences have an impact on the overall experience of taking the test. Each test has its own unique challenges, and to learn more about these challenges get started with this free course by Examizy.

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